Programme was updated-(information added on 26th May 2017)

Low-cost inscriptions for students – 15 Euros per day (excluding workshop dinner) -(information added on 24th May 2017)

Follow all the important locations on the map (information added on 22th May 2017):

Henrik Rusche is the special guest  (information added on 15th May 2017)

Extension of period for reduced price to 20th May (information added on 8th May 2017):

Presentations (information added on 5th May 2017):
To submit a presentation please send title, authorship and abstract with circa 500 characters.
To leave a mark of your presentation within this Foam meeting, use the templates available in Presentations,

Contest – A4  simulation summary
Participants are invited to present an A4 page with a summary of simulation results to be evaluated.

Material (information added on 5th May 2017):
A Pen-Drive will be provided.


Designed from 3 to 8 March 2017